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I make websites from scratch, even without the help of frameworks like bootstrap, using: HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JQUERY, Basi di JS, Basi di PHP (especially for forms).


According to the Global Mobile Trends report, Internet access through mobile devices will increase from 48% in 2018 to 60% in 2020 and will involve about 4.7 billion people.
This is why I pay particular attention to responsivity of the sites I realize.

Loading speed counts...

There are many techniques to make a website "light" including:
image optimization, minification of the code, gzip data compression, cache optimization.

...but also the user experience

Waiting three seconds with an animated progress bar is very different from a blank page.
This very simple example shows how important the UI/UX.
Not long ago I wrote an article about it.

► Articolo

Some websites


English School

I founded yuppiDay thanks to an idea born from me and from the Prof. of English Domenico Bertone
The logo, the colors and all the graphics have been designed and created by me with the support of many feedbacks requested from users.
The videos of the English course were recorded in a studio (video, audio and lights), edited and published by me.
To date, more than 1,800 students have purchased the course online with positive feedback.

► yuppiDay (Blog)
► yuppiDay (Course) ► Udemy

Calabria Realty Group

Real Estate Agency

Calabria Realty Group sells properties to a mostly Anglophone audience
The site shows the beauties of Calabria thanks to the creation of a blog area and an excellent blogger.
The colors, the photographs recall our beautiful country ,the site is available in different languages with a comfortable whatsapp chat to be quickly contacted by users
I created the site in Wordpress, inserting several plugins to greatly simplify the work of the managers.
Calabria Realty Group was satisfied and the site is constantly growing.

► Calabria Realty Group


Engineering Company

SIIP has requested a graphic and architecture update of the site.
The site had to absolutely retain its identity. SIIP wanted a site that was completely personalized.
To satisfy the requests, I first created the architecture and then the graphics with the Adobe XD program and, after presenting the layout, I made the site from scratch with: HTML, SASS and some JS libraries.

► SIIP (current)
► SIIP (proposal)


Furniture and Furnishing Accessories

FAHD is a commercial reality that boasts more than ten years of activity, has always sold offline and, given the growth of online sales, has decided to enter the world of Ecommerce.
I decided to satisfy FAHD requests by profoundly modifying a WP / Woocommerce template; I also did the restyling of the logo.



Agriculture and Gardening Company

A historic business opened since 1948.
Agrigarden asked for a brightly colored site that could transmit "air of freshness".
I met his requests through vivid color palettes and photos (made by me) modified ad hoc.

► Agrigarden

Other works

Some of these works were made about five years ago

Over the years I have made many works also in collaboration with agencies, here I will bring a small list:

► Raftingexplorerlao
► Basketcasalnuovo
► Sicert
► Quadcalabriaexplorer

Other Skills

Many other things are necessary for those who do my job: manage a host space, manage backups, use HTACCESS, use staging, use secure protocols such as HTTPS, use FTP and much more.
Among the priorities will always be finding the best solution in the shortest time.


Adobe and Open Source package

I use the Adobe package every day: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, Premiere, which is why I can use them with great familiarity.
Before Adobe I used Open Source software like: GIMP, Darktable and Inkscape. For GIMP I helped to correct errors in the official Italian manual.
Let me show you my first Artwork made with GIMP.

► Correct Errors in the Manual
► First Artwork made with GIMP
► Artwork xfc files

Beyond the use of software

Learn to use a software is relatively simple, what I was trying to improve was the design, driven by this need I decided to enroll in the International School COMICS finishing the course with a score of 28/30.
At Comics I learned the importance of: Styles, Proportions, Shape, Spaces, Fonts, Colors, Coordinated Graphics, Presentation, Target, Optimization and especially Functionality. My Guru Prof. Biagio taught me that Design must be "first and foremost functional and if time remains... beautiful".

Some Jobs

Over the years I've accumulated a lot of graphic design work, which is why I'll only show a few of them:

Super Mario Bros

I have made this video with Photoshop, Premiere and After Effect.
The purpose is exclusively educational, I could try effects and animations of adobe software.

► Mario vs Zelda


A project carried out by Prof. Marchiori (the "grandfather" of Google), which I followed since the Volunia project.
Negapedia is one of his latest projects, it allows you to understand how many controversies there have been in the various publications in wikipedia.
I proposed the graphic restyling of the layout by repositioning the elements, optimizing the spaces, rethinking the logo, using other fonts... Prof. Marchiori appreciated my proposal.

► Negapedia (current)
► Negapedia (proposal)

San Carlo

This too is a project that I wanted to carry out with the sole aim of satisfying my question "If San Carlo asked me for a restyling, how would I do it? ". To make it more fun, I decided once again not to use frameworks and start from scratch.
A real "hard work", I tried to keep the San Carlo identity as much as possible through: shapes, colours, fonts, spaces, images.

► San Carlo (current)
► San Carlo (proposal)

Artwork PS

I often relax making Artwork with photshop, it is very useful for me to learn new photo editing techniques!

► A wise chicken (JPG)
► A wise chicken (PSD)



Everything started with the purchase of my beloved entry level sony aplha 55v.
I spent unforgettable moments immersed in nature, hours waiting in search of the shot that could communicate what I felt in those magic moments. I learned a lot from photography and I'm sure I still have a lot to give.

Some small satisfactions

I love Open Source projects, they give so much to the community without asking anything in return.
I wanted to thank some projects with shots, for this reason I participated in three contests of three operating systems (Ubuntu LTS, Ubuntu, Mint).
The communities chose my shots and inserted them as official wallpapers in the operating systems, a gesture that filled me with joy.

► Ubuntu LTS
► Ubuntu
► Linux Mint

Facebook Profile

The passion for photography has also given me a lot on graphics (especially raster). I publish some photos in my personal profile.

► Facebook

Thanks for your time 💚